Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

She cooks

I to not enjoy preparing food. I enjoy eating food. But, fixing it. Nope.

I had a friend, Dottie, who used to say that we were all born with a fix number of meals that we were required to prepare. She said "I was born with a low number and I got them out of the way early." Me, too! I can cook. I just do not like to. And, often, I don't like what I make even though it's fine but by the time I finish making it, the experience ruins it for me. (gazpacho is a great example. i love it. and it's dirt simple to make but by the time i finish chopping all the stuff up, the mere smell of fresh veggies turns me off so the soup is no good to me.)

But, today I cooked. Creatively and successfully. I made the quiche. I had some of that rolled up pie crust. Lordkknows how old it was. I did not even look. I did not have a pie pan so I used an aluminum brownie tin. I used the week old half and half (which did pass the smell test) and some ham I had in the freezer. I didn't have the perfect cheese but I had enough of the ok cheese. A few dried chives, some dried parsley, some nutmeg (maybe, actually a bit too much nutmeg, if I'm honest).

I prebaked the pie crust so it was lovely and crispy. I even made pie crust cinnamon cookies with the left overs and they were delicious. The quiche tastes great. I ate some for lunch and divided up the rest into containers - one for breakfast every day next week.

Then I made a salad for dinner and prepped some chicken and potatoes.

I did not mind any of it. Oh and the kitchen is all cleaned, too.
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