Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Inside for the win

I ran out of peanut butter a few days ago and all I can think about is things to eat with peanut butter. And other stuff that I would get if I could wander around a grocery store.

So I went to Instacart. Early on I had a couple of horrible experiences with Instacart and avoided them since. But they were the only ones who would deliver drugs from Costco when I had no car. So I let them back into my life. They did a great job on that run. (Also both seattlejo and xina_gee both recommend.) So I decided to try again. This time Fred Meyers. Just placed an order for stuff. They say it will be here today before 3.

Sure beats Amazon Fresh - exactly ZERO delivery times available. Or Safeway who has 2 available a week from yesterday.

I honestly can get by without anything I ordered but I don't wanna. I'll bet the jar of peanut better that I ordered today lasts me months, but knowing I have it will be very comforting. And I'm supporting a delivery person with my big ole tip so I've currently filled that retail therapy hole.

I get that people do go out - and I could go during the old people hours - but I keep thinking why. Do I want to chance it when there are alternatives? Nope. I was careful at the car dealer last week but then stopped into the bagel place to pick up a sandwich and the whole time I was thinking stupid stupid stupid. The sandwich was good but a really qualified good.

I do want to take the car out this week to make sure the battery is fine and stays fine. I may pick up a drive thru lunch but otherwise I'll just drive around for 20 minutes. I surprised at how skiddish I am. But, I'm ok with it.
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