Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


This time last week, I was getting The Smalls ready for the vet. I really do miss that little guy. And a lot of the time I think Biggie needs a playmate. But, adopting now would be a PIA and so then I come to my senses.

Two cats are more than double the trouble. And Biggie is a fine cat. But I do miss the little one.

And I miss swimming. So much. I miss the clean, weightless, feeling. The feeling of accomplishment. I miss my gym buds. It is very likely that when our Stay At Home orders are lifted and the gym re opens, the bridge will still be out. I have already planned to go once, anyway. Just to say hi and experience the gym like it was new again (assuming they do clean it). I have a couple of ideas about where to swim until the bridge is back. But I do miss swimming. So much.

I miss being able to pop into a store to pick up peanut butter and other stuff I'm out of. I miss the Goodwill Store so much.

But, since there are at least three more weeks of missing and very likely more than three weeks, I'm going to put all the missing out of my head and focus on the good. I have enough of everything (except peanut butter). I have all the entertainment I could ask for. I have a safe, easy, flat walk I can do every morning and I do it every morning without hating it. I have a lovely home that I do not have to share with anyone. I have money enough to live on without worry. I have Amazon. I have Door Dash and I even saw a delivery time available at Safeway yesterday. I am healthy.

I have way many more excellent things to focus on than the bummer things. So that's my plan.

Also Biggie is wonderful.

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