Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The mini NYT crossword puzzle says it's Friday

Every morning, as part of my routine internetting, I do the Mini New York Times crossword. At the top of the page, it tells me what day of the week it is. Quite handy.

Biggie decided that 5:15 was a good wake up time this morning. Paw tapping my nose. NOPE. I had to over ride him. It took a bit but he got the message finally.

My walk this morning was just a hair easier. Not a lot but enough to be encouraging. I'd like to do the whole .8 miles without having to stop to catch my breath. I stop less now than before, but still.

On my list for AV (after virus) is to invite ljtourist over for one silly reason or another with the real reason being to tighten up Biggie's cat tree. It's getting wobbly again. It takes two people or one big, strong one to screw it back tightly. I think it will last until AV but then...

This is a screen shot I got off the webcam this morning. It's still his favorite perch.

I just remembered that I had not turned my laptop keyboard upside down to bang the dust out in a long time. I did it. 3 or 4 good whacks. Holychristonacraker! It's amazing the thing even worked at all. I could have written my name in the dust and dirt that fell out. Note to self. Don't wait so long next time! (Note to Google (who made the laptop) thanks for the solid crumb barrier!)

For the first time since last fall, it is warm enough in here to wear short sleeves.

I think I'll go take a shower and then put on a clean short sleeved shirt!
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