Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

More bank shenanigans

I set up a bank account at Citi bank. HUGE mistake. Apparently Citi is some kind of dead language word for Make It Impossible To Do Anything. And... make sure your 2 factor authentication requires a fucking phone call.

People my age should not be designing banking systems.

I'm going back to Simple Bank and I'll do bill pay with my Credit Union account (which has it's own problems but at least they are more the devil you know type).

And, yes, I am the embodiment of old people cliche - focusing on money things that really, absolutely, need no focus.

It's getting warmer and warmer. The morning sun is heating up this joint - or it was until I just lowered the blinds. I don't need it hot in here.

I saw only ONE soldier on my walk this morning. I did see one giant transport truck. They are cutting out fast. And, speaking of cutting. I had these visions of, if something happened like I accidentally cut myself, just walking across the street for a fix. But, the signs they put up yesterday told me that was a pipe dream so fine, take your hospital and go.


Another day with nothing on the agenda. I thought about going up to the Japanese grocery for their 8-9 senior shopping but there's really nothing I need badly enough to risk it. I still do have a house full of food. And cat food is being delivered in my Amazon Subscribe and Save delivery this weekend.

I have tater tots... might whip up a tater tot casserole. Might clean up the sewing room. Might take a load of trash down to the dumpsters. Might not do any of that.

Biggie is playing with a sun beam.

All is good.
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