Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Goodbye Apocalypse

You know that field hospital that the Army put up across the street? Set to open tomorrow?

Well, they just announced that they are disassembling it and giving it back to the Army for deployment elsewhere. No shit. My morning walk Army buddies are taking their toys and going home.

My cynical self says that everyone will read this as "Yahoo, it's over!!" and come out in droves and spread the virus all around and we'll have Instant Round 2.

I have a savings account, a checking account, a Visa and a Mastercard at Capital One. I've never loved them and they are messing up my finance tracker. So time to move on.

So today I opened an account at Simple. I had done my research. They had everything I needed. The only con listed was no printed checks. Who the hell cares? I haven't written a check in years. Opened a checking and a savings account. It was a breeze. Very straight forward. Very Simple. Then I went to set up Bill Pay. And I couldn't find it. WTF?

I googled only to learn that in December of 2019, Simple abandoned bill pay and offered printed checks instead. WTF????? So I quickly killed the transfer of funds I had set up. Then I called the help line to find out what else I needed to do to back out of this Very Bad Decision. I got the nicest guy on the face of the earth. Easy to understand, no bullshit, never even used my name once. Heard my story and said that all I needed to do was send an email so they would have my request in writing. He said he could see that the transfers had canceled. I was then even more bummed at this place! They are perfect for me. Phuck.

Not sure what I'll do next. I'm in Simple mourning. I applied for a Citi Visa. Maybe I'll just open checking and savings accounts there.

We're doing laundry here. Lots o' laundry. I stripped the bed. I tossed in the bathroom rugs. All the clothes. Laundry.

Biggie demanded a photo.

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