Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Biggie and Me

We're still adjusting. He no longer sleeps with me but still makes sure I'm awake by 6:15ish. If I spoon wet food into a dish, he walks away. But, later, it is gone. He does love playing outside on the terrace and it's warm enough to have the door open so he can. He still does bring me Stickie when he wants to play. We're learning how to be a couple.

I did my walk this morning and swapped out my coat for a jacket. It was fine. Only saw the usual soldiers which is, honestly, kind of apocalyptic. But, at least, they understand the 6 foot rule so the whole walk is safe.

Nothing on the agenda today. I'm still watching Billions and am totally wrapped up in Bobby Axelrod and his crew. I'm trying to stick to one episode a day to make it last. I just started the 3rd of 4 seasons (12 ep. each). The 5th season starts in May.

I have three different yarn projects actively going. Two crochet, one knitting. When my hands/mind get tired of one, I swap. It works. I have sewing I could do but I'm just not feeling it and so I'm saving it for when it's fun again.

I tell you what would be fun right now... a shower. I stink. Trust me on this.
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