Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

But what difference does it make?

I woke up at 2:30 and was wide awake until just before 4. This rarely happens. I'm a good sleeper. But not last night. But, really, sleeping at night, sleeping during the day, what difference does it make. Almost nothing in my life, these days, is time dependent. I have a zoom call at 1 today and that's it for days to come. So really it does not matter.

My life is about the least affected by having to stay at home as anybody's. And yet, I really feel it. Not always in a bad way. in fact mostly not in a bad way. I'm a little bummed today but I think that's more sleep and missing The Smalls. Biggie slept mostly in his closet lair last night. I do miss the cuddler.

Yesterday I got an email from my best friend in 1st grade. We connected a few years ago and swap emails every year or so. She's in North Carolina, married with a grown daughter. She noted in her email that she was grateful she didn't have elderly parents to worry about. I pointed out in my reply that now she was the elderly parent!

I've been out for my walk. I don't love it yet but I don't feel right if I don't do it, so that's good.

I made a batch of breakfast burritos yesterday and ruined the entire batch by sprinkling Everything seasoning on them. There's something in there that is just not a good breakfast flavor to me. Oh well. I'll make more today. Glad I got all those eggs from Costco.

I have decided that I want my car operating. The guy at the Mercedes dealership who usually handles me has not responded to my email or my text. So yesterday afternoon I went to the dealer's website and filled in the form for a mobile visit. My brother suggested I just call any mobile mechanic but Smart cars are so weird. I don't want to take a chance on hiring someone who does not know Smart cars.

I finally thought to ask the folks across the hall if they had heard from the housecleaner. She does their house every two weeks after she finishes mine. He reported that he had not but that he'd call her. He did and reports she is fine. So yeah. I was worried. I had offered in email and text to mail her her money but she never responded so the stack just grows here waiting for her to come back. She's going to earn the entire pile with that first cleaning. Ugh.

I did clean off the terrace yesterday and vacuumed. It's in my line of sight most of the day and I feel better when it's tidy. A little here and a little there but still, it needs Amira.

And I need a shower.
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