Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

House Rules - by Biggie

Rule number 1 is that there is no sleeping past 6:30 am. If anyone tries to violate that rule they will find a paw, gently but firmly, planted on their nose. If that paw is swatted away it will return until said nose gives up.

Also, apparently, canned cat food is out. He sometimes nibbles but mostly not and appears to not give a shit. He's a kibble boy. Fine by me. Way cheaper and easier. Amazon and Mud Bay will be disappointed but they might not notice with the virus thing.

But mostly we're getting along fine. He's a good cat. And, if you want dets on any birds that land on The Tree That I Hate, he's your man.

After a first cup of coffee this morning, hit the streets for my walk. And it was better than the past few days. I made it all the way without stress. I'm hoping at some point it will become easier.

There are very few people on my route. Maybe one or two civilians and 6 - 10 fatigue wearing staff from the field hospital. Three of the latter were in front of me this morning and as I walked behind them, I made a rather shocking self discovery.

As a young adult in the world of the Vietnam War, I have always had extremely strong, extremely negative feelings about the military. My brother, whom I love dearly, was in the Navy and for years, I was really conflicted about even that. In the past decade or so, I've felt my animosity towards all things military lesson but really not to a huge degree.

Until today. Walking behind those three military people, I discovered that my feelings were absolutely totally ones of pure gratitude. I was shocked at myself so I thought about it hard and, yep, I got nothing but thanks for the military today.

Now I've now had breakfast and sufficiently interneted. I think I'll wash up the dishes and get into the shower and then ... I actually don't know what. I'll think of something.

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