Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Soooo busy

Biggie, That is. He is all over everywhere today. The master of his domain. He turned over a basket on a shelf and a red and white polka dot cat collar fell out. I think it's one I got at the dollar store to copy. Anyway, it's fresh and now it's his.


In other good news, it appears that he favors the litter box that I do, too. So yeah. The other one can go to Goodwill if/when ever that happens again. (My Goodwill hamper is spilling over. I'm going to need to do something about it before everything is back together again. Another day.)


I also found his nap spot in the closet. He knows that I know so we're cool.

He's parading around his shaved tummy like it's a badge now. Shamelss.


And totally on duty.


It finally warmed up enough so that I could open the door and let him go out and play and that's where he is right now.


Last night I ordered fried chicken delivered for dinner. I purposefully ordered enough for about 3 meals of chicken and chicken livers and fried okra. It was ok last night. But I just heated up a thigh for lunch and it was HEAVEN. I think I was just not in a fried chicken mood last night. Glad I have more in the freezer and in the fridge.

It must be getting time for Biggie's nap. Unless he slept while I was walking this morning, he has not napped all day. He needs to check the cat manual where it says cats sleep 50-70% of the day. He's falling behind.

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