Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Biggie and I thank you so much

I'm astonished and I appreciate so much all of the comments left about The Smalls. Really. Thank you all.

We're ok starting the day after. We're trying to figure out the way here. Without The Smalls in my lap all the time, Biggie is wallowing in His Turn. He slept stretched out next to me most of the night. And he's here now helping me type.

I need to learn what he wants in terms of food - when/what. He's fine with the dry kibble but does he also want wet food and if/so when? I dished out a teaspoon for him yesterday and he ignored it but this morning, someone had eaten it all. And litter box - no, he cannot keep both.

I wondered last night if I should get him a kitten. But then decided, nah. We can make it on our own. Plus, I got no car to go fetch anything.

I am so grateful to Biggie. If I had lost The Smalls and had to come home to an empty house to be Stay At Home'd in, that would have been even more heart breaking.

Biggie did want to get up a little early this morning. Which was fine. So I'm up and I've had a lovely Sunday morning breakfast. As soon as I finish this second cup of coffee, I'm going to get dressed and hit the road for my walk up to the ballpark.

And then more watching of Billions, knitting, playing Stickie with Biggie. I also have a top cut out and ready to sew.. so.. maybe.

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