Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The Smalls is gone

I knew he would be but it's still hard to believe. My car's battery turns out to be dead. I considered, for a bit, just not going to the vet. But, I got a Lyft, instead. He didn't make a peep.

They took him in while I waited outside. And then they called me in. The vet said he was fading. And they could make him more comfortable and give him a day or two but probably no more. She was not sure if it was his liver or his kidneys or both.

We decided to put him to sleep. And then, he died before we could. The vet and staff were so kind. It was a long way home. I walked up to the street car - it's a long ride but no connections and it takes me to a block from home.

Now I'm home. Biggie inspected the empty carrier but I think he was just relieved to know I didn't want to get him in it.

The Smalls was such a special little kitty. It will be so different to fall asleep tonight without him snuggled up next to me.

He was here less than year but it was fun every day. I knew when I got him that the chances of his living a short life were great. I'd take that chance again today. He was totally worth it.

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