Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


So I'm not sure what Deborah (the reporter) tried but she texted me that 'they' would not accept face mask donations. I have to go back to the form I filled out before and get an appointment to have them picked up. Been there, not interested into doing that again. I'll drop my 8 N95 masks off at the field hospital tomorrow.

I really don't have a lot of patience with giving stuff - if it's easy, I'm fine. If there are hoops, I understand, but don't jump.

On the good news front, the next Home Owners Association meeting is a week from Monday and will be done via Zoom. Generally, they are held in the lobby which is a small-ish room with 25 foot high ceilings and tiled walls and ceiling - the worst acoustics. You can't hear shit and the seating is great for 5 mins and horrible for any longer. Zoom will be perfect. I can finally hear the board talking!

This morning I went out on the terrace to get something and both cats hit the decks. I let them play out there for a while and they loved it. Especially Biggie. The Smalls came back in to nap but Biggie had a great time.

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