Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

two more things

My high school class had their Zoom meeting yesterday. I did funnel all the emails bypassing my inbox and into a folder and just went in to catch up. Turns out I had my nums wrong. There were 33 of us in the class. Four have died. Apparently 25 showed up for the 50th reunion (in 2017). 19 were in the zoom call yesterday. So who were the other 3 who blew off the reunion? Those are the ones I want to connect with.

I'm such a bitch.

Another revelation I had last night while I thinking about everything is prednisone. When I can't breathe, prednisone fixes it. The last time I had an attack, after I got better, my lung doctor asked me if I wanted a prednisone supply to keep on hand just in case. OMG yes! Happily that was long ago. This morning I looked an those pills expired last October. In a pinch I'm sure they would be better than nothing but, this morning I sent the nurse practitioner a request for a new prescription and she sent it on to Costco. (I also looked and the pharmacy opens at 8 like the store for old people shopping.) So Whew.

I did the full walk today - instead of the half walk yesterday. My walk takes me past the temporary field hospital. It hasn't opened yet but they are making progress building it.

I'm wearing the sweater I finished yesterday. It's not quite cold enough so I'm likely to swap it out in a bit but I do like it.


Oh and The Smalls is still holding on. Not peppy but not lethargic. Biggie wishes he would play but is currently on bird watch.
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