Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Thank you, universe

I realized last night, in the dark while fighting for bed real estate with The Smalls, that my discomfort with the extended quarantine is all because of Amazon... and Safeway. Yesterday, I did some shopping on Amazon but got discouraged really fast when all the delivery dates were the end of April. I check Safeway and Amazon Fresh every day for delivery slots and find none.

I think I don't mind not going anywhere as long as I can get what I want brought to me.

And, then, this morning, the world opened up. Two things I wanted to buy on Amazon were available for delivery next week. On the wings of that little victory, I checked Safeway - OPEN DELIVERY SLOTS!!! and Amazon Fresh - OPEN DELIVERY SHOTS!!!

I was amused as how much better I felt instantly.

It is still before 9 and so walk time. My nose started bleeding a little bit ago so I'm kind of holding off until I can make sure that is fixed. Weird. A few years ago, I had nosebleeds quite a bit but none now for a really long time. I've been using a nasal spray for allergies. I'm sure stopping that now. I'm not sure it was working that well anyway.

So... walk and then I'm not sure what. Plenty of things to pick from on the Things To Do list.
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