Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Good news and meh news

I could not do my full walk. I did half but half is better than none, right? I think I just got started too late. From now on, it's out the door before 9 or else. I did discover that a small wine and gift shop in this building had boarded up her shop like so many others BUT she painted lemons on the boards! I instantly thought lemons/lemonade but then ...

I ran into Tija who lives upstairs and runs the gym across the street and the PS Residents Council and she said that an art gallery had done it in conjunction with an exhibit they have going on about fruit.


The white pillars frame the front door to my building. Tija said that those other shops were slated for murals, too. She said that some of the boarded windows were attracting taggers but NOT the ones with murals. Interesting. Thank you, taggers.

She also said that Rudy's Barbershop has an amazing mural on their boards. Rudy's is several blocks up. So tomorrow... BEFORE 9... my walk will take me to Rudy's.

But the big, good news, is that when I got home and opened the door, guess who was there with his nose in the doorway? THE SMALLS!!! He has not greeted me in days. Yep, he's way perkier today. Hasn't this happened before? I give up and decide the end is near, time to wrap in the vet tomorrow and then when tomorrow comes, he's all NFW. So anyway things are way better today.

I folded up all of my tops and sorted them according to weather and discovered that I need another one for not-warm but not-frigid so I went fabric shopping in my stash and selected a pattern and will get that going today.

Meanwhile, I just woke The Smalls up for a picture and he was not that happy about it.

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