Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

hits home

The building management company sent an email that a resident in this building has tested positive for Covid-19. I'm not sure I how I feel about that email.

Why send it?? I think the assumption is - we live in Seattle in March of 2020 - that out of the 300ish people here in this building more than a few either have it or are sharing exposure to it. Confirmation does what?

One thing it does is make me want to make a giant sign to carry whenever I leave my unit that says "IT'S NOT ME!"

There should be no change in behavior now that we know someone here has it, because we should already be using that behavior.

So why send it??

I did my walk today - same walk as yesterday but today it was hard. I had to stop to breathe more than several times and I didn't bundle up enough. It was cold. But I'm glad I went and I will go again tomorrow.

But mostly I hope this is a habit I will develop and not hate and just do every day forever.
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