Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

But, wait, there is more...

The post office sent me a text that I have a package coming today. I have no clue what it is. It's not coming from Amazon. It appears to be coming from Seattle. I'd suspect the Mariners but it's not their general mailing MO. Excitement!

Then in email, I got my daily 'here's what will be in your mailbox' and it included

Wonder what Barak wants. He better not be spending money to tell me to wash my hands or respond to the census. I'll be annoyed.

I did get my cable TV deleted. Well, all but the basics. Might as well save $80 a month. No telling when we'll ever get baseball again and, even then, what the deal will be. Maybe they will remove the blackout on MLB.TV for the shortened season. One can hope.

But, I sent an email to my contact at Wave Broadband and within 15 minutes I got a reply that it had been done. This is a woman I've been dealing with at Wave for four years. I send an email request and she hops on it. Every time.

In my condo building, I can have Comcast, Wave Broadband, Wave fiber or Century Link ISDN. I am one of those rare birds with choices. Comcast would be cheaper and offer more services than Wave BUT Comcast does not offer Katie. So then I wrote a note of praise for Katie to her manager. I will miss HGTV but not that much.

And, finally, a month of Biggie and The Smalls.

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