Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

It is Tuesday

I woke up this morning and, momentarily, forgot about the corono virus and its fallout. It was a very strange feeling when I remembered.

I think The Smalls is failing. Of course, I've thought that for a long time and been wrong so let's hope I am now. I feel like his continuing to eat happily and often is the biggest sign that he is not (failing). But, while Biggie spends his days bird watching and knocking shit over and finding random illegal stuff to eat, The Smalls just naps. Always. He moves from one nap spot to the another and then goes back to sleep. He does not seem in pain, just lethargic. Poor little thing. Time will tell and we enjoy him while he's here. He's still the best night snuggler.

Meanwhile Biggie's incision is nearly totally healed. Not having to go have his stitches removed turns out to have been such a good plan.

I have a Zoom meeting today. One of the guys from Tiller asked if he could interview me and I allowed as how I could squeeze him into my busy schedule. Tiller is a finances tracking app that I've been using since November and really like a lot. Happy to share my experience. Even if it means having to wash my hair and take time out of my busy day. ha!

I paid a boatload extra a month to expand my TV cable to include the channel that carries the Mariners. I keep thinking I should cancel that. And maybe I just will.

And then I think I'll take another walk - maybe go check the progress of the field hospital. Then it's back to my knitting and TV.
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