Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


I walked .82 miles (according to Fitbit) for a little more than 20 minutes - outside, like real people! And I enjoyed it. A lot.

I discovered that lots of the offices and shops around here are literally boarded up like hurricane boarding. Thick plywood nailed over every door and window. It's creepy.

I also discovered that the ATM at the baseball park is gone (the closest one to me that I used now and again). BUT the one across the street at the football park has been swapped out for BECU where I have an account! So cool. Should I ever again need/want cash.

And I saw four Army trucks arrive with hospital stuff at the Exhibition center. There were cops and Army people all around. Weird. Also creepy.

My groceries were delivered and it was a great experience. After years of living without brown paper grocery bags, I now have a surplus and still can't remember why I wanted them.

I made a weird casserole which smells devine. I browned some tater tots and pearl onions (I meant to grab the chopped ones out the freezer and was pouring them into the frying pan when I realized I'd grabbed the wrong ones. Oh well.). I added sausage and mushrooms. And cooked it all for a while. Then I poured it into a dish, added cheese. I scrambled some eggs with some cream and poured it over the top and put it into the oven.

It will be done in 5 minutes and I will have some hot for lunch and save the rest for lunch or dinner or whatever. It really does smell amazing.

It was sunny with a breeze a minute ago and now it's pouring rain ... with a breeze. The rain makes it feel so much cozier in here.

I just read the most depressing news - not even virus related. The bridge that connects me with the gym pool and grocery stores and the pet food store - the one they closed down that serves 150,000 people every day - when there's no quarantine (I said 80k before and I was wrong.) - will not be open again any time soon. They held a press conference today and said that they had no clue when it will reopen. They hope to have a better idea "in a month or so" of "what we need to do." So if the gym does reopen. I can not get there but even worse, all those people who live over there and have now lost any decent way to get to their jobs or anything else over here. I feel really bad for them.


Now time to try out this masterpiece I made.

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