Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


We just crossed over from its being so cold, my feet need to stay covered, to barefoot weather. Yesterday, when I went outside, it was in shirt sleeves only. I did stay in the sun but it was quite comfortable. Since I had not been outside in a week nor paid attention to weather reports, this was kind of a shock.

I'm on it now. Where I grew up (North Carolina) Spring lasted a day, maybe a day and a half. I always thought tulips were stupid flowers. They came up, bloomed and were dead in a day. Seattle, usually, has nice, long, lovely Springs and tulips last for weeks. We even have a tulip festival. Well, in years with no pandemics.

It generally does not get uncomfortably hot until July. And that's probably the soonest I'll be able to go swim again. I actually did go outside yesterday. It was weird. I only walked for about 10 minutes but I'm ready to go again for longer. This time, I'll take my earbuds and listen to my book while I walk. I'm actually looking forward to this. Shocking.

Biggie and The Smalls and me all got a great night's sleep last night. No one got up to eat things he shouldn't. No one chased anyone else throughout the house for hours. Everyone stayed in the bed and snuggled. It was good. And I enjoyed it a lot.

Today's been adventure is grocery delivery. Safeway. I tried Safeway delivery years ago and it was meh. Today is an updated trial. I just got a tracker link which is new. And it says that, as of right now, my delivery will be in 1 hour and 16 minutes which is about 9:15. I forgot to add peanut butter to the list which is a bummer and they didn't have cream - another bummer. But, hey, new list started.

I'm hoping this delivery with what I have on hand will get me through the week or longer. I'd like to clear out the freezer and pantry as much as possible. Just because. With two exceptions.

On Wednesday, I will have pies delivered. A local company offered pie delivery - I went for a steak and mushroom pie and a pecan pie. Also in the vein of supporting the locals, on Friday, I have a picnic being delivered. Cheeses and smoked meats and fruit all from Pike Place Market.

Oh, wow, that Safeway truck is really, actually moving. I think I'd better go get some clothes on.
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