Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I declare: Bullet Dodged

It's now 15-ish hours after the latest eating incident and Biggie is fine. He was sleeping here next to me and I woke him up and offered him a treat and he got up to eat it. I am going to go back to breathe right strips or nothing. No more chance taking here. Breathing while sleeping is over rated anyway.

I have had a thought, a couple of times recently, that this might be a time when Facebook could be helpful. Many things I'm interested in - knitting/crocheting/sewing all revolve around facebook groups. There's a piece of hardware I want sign up to beta test but you have to be on facebook to do it. So I really thought maybe I should just get off my high horse and login.

Then, I got my weekly digest from NextDoor. I usually just delete it but today I clicked through and read some of the posts from my neighbors. I got back up on my high horse PDQ. There are many reasons why I don't get a facebook account. And several of them are why that NextDoor digest is now marked 'unsubscribe'. I assume people aren't stupid and it makes me twitchy to learn that I am wrong.

If you need me, I'll be over here, by myself, with my head in the sand.

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