Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Biggie, Biggie, Biggie

Last night, about 10ish I put the little nasal dilators in my nose and went to sleep. About 1:30 am I woke up and my nose was empty. I looked all around the bed and found


Yes, that is a smaller version of what he ate less than two weeks ago that had to be surgically removed. I could not find the other half. I turned out the lights and worried. While I worried, Biggie and The Smalls had a major fight on the bed. For a good 15 minutes. Then they started chasing each other through out house, jumping on the bed, running across me and off the other side. Over and over again. It was a good hour before I got back to sleep.

I could remove every single thing from this house and Biggie would find something illegal to eat. I know he has, in the past, rubber ear buds and other stuff that has not required surgery. So all I can do is hope that this is one of those situations.

This morning, he's eating fine and running around like a mad man. He's already had a session with the automatic laser toy, a stint up in the cat tree and now he's on my lap draped across my arm. IF I see no signs of a problem by noon, I'm declaring victory... until next time which will probably be tomorrow.

The first sign, last time, that there was trouble was his throwing up, which he has not done today and his refusing treats which he has not done today. So... I'm hopeful.

Meanwhile I may well need a bit of day sleeping later. The Smalls is already back in bed getting a head start.

In other news... I'm giving some thought to going outside. A walk around the block. Maybe. Two weeks ago tomorrow was my last swim. Right now, the close order is set until next Thursday. I'm assuming they will be adding two weeks and then another two weeks and then another... I sure do miss it. Every once in a while, on Instagram, I stumble over a picture of a family around their pool. What a wonder it would be now to have your own pool for laps.

Also, today was my first baseball ticket. I would, right now, be getting ready to head over to brunch at the ball park and then a wonderful afternoon of baseball. Probably they would lose and definitely I would not care. I really do wonder if we will see any baseball this year at all.

I finished a good book the other night and now am having a bit of a time finding a new one. Audio book. The first one I tried had something like 7 narrators. I want the book read to me, I'm not interested in listening to a play. The next one was read by the author. No. Just no. Write another book. Leave the narration to the pros, please. One of today's tasks is to find a new book. With a back up option.

And now, look who found Stickie. I had hidden it under the couch after the last surgery. But, now it's found...


I think I'll go get a shower and then see what happens next.
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