Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Birthday present from Biggie

Biggie let me cut his nails!! He didn't protest at all. Only two - one on each front paw, needed it but, that's two more than I've ever gotten without drama. What a lovely present.

I woke up this morning and thought about what I wanted for breakfast and realized that out of all the food I have in this house, two of the things I needed for my wanted breakfast, I didn't have and weren't in my Safeco order which comes on Monday.

Then I got a grip. I have a fridge/freezer full of food and DoorDash waiting to bring me more. I have zero, absolutely zero to bitch about.

Plus. The Japanese grocery just 4 blocks away and has daily old people shopping from 8-9. If, it turns out, I actually do need something.

The hospital they are putting up next door will be for non-covid-19 patients. It will have regular beds, ICU beds, and ER and an OR. The other morning I was slicing some cheese and had a quick vision of slicing my hand or finger and what would I do about it if it was bad enough for an ER. Now I don't have to worry. I'll have one, just across the street and no worries about stealing resources from pandemic victims. Thanks, universe!

Another early morning thought was thankgod my parents did not wait a year before having me. This time last year, my brother and his son and his son's wife all were here celebrating my 70th birthday. We did 3 baseball games, we had fabulous meals all over town, a million laughs and a wonderful time. I'm so glad I was 70 last year and not this year.

But, this year is fine. I have everything I need. I wish The Smalls was healthier. I hope he does not need a vet any time soon. Biggie is full of beans every day. I'm grateful every day that he does not eat something else he should not. I appreciate his company and his antics. I have plenty to entertain me right here without even opening up the front door.
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