Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

drive bys

I don't have enough mirrors in my house to really be aware that my hair is green. Until I go pee. It's a shock. Every time.

There is a great little mom and pop restaurant north of downtown near a pool I used to do my laps in every Saturday. I'd stop there after for a great breakfast. It's Hawaiian so they served spam. Which I love. I just read that the Mom died from Covi-19 two days ago and today her husband did, too. This whole thing sucks just a little more when it hits people you know even slightly.

And just now I read they are going to put a field hospital in the football stadium across the street. EDIT: not the field, actually, the exhibition hall which is attached to it.

I just saw episode 1 of Final Cut - the Tim Gunn/Heidi Klum version of Project Runway on Amazon prime. It's not nearly as good as the comparable show on Netflix but it's way better than what Project Runway had devolved into. Having said that, however, I think I'm over Heidi and Tim.

Back to Billions.
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