Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Going Green?

I had a lovely chat with ljtourist last night and he pointed out that the rest of the country is now going to be forced into hair cuts like mine - self inflicted. I welcome the company. Then, this morning, angelamermaid posted a lovely photo of her new purple hair. And I remembered two things...

1. Since I won't be in a pool again for a while, I could dye my hair!
2. I think I have green hair dye under the sink in the bathroom.

Plans for today? See above.

Mornings for Biggie are tough. He wants to play. The Smalls wants to nap. Susan wants to internet. This morning, I remembered the automatic laser beam. He alternates between chasing the beam and having a chat with the device. Either way, he's happy now.


About as happy as he was yesterday when I little bird flew onto the terrace. We get seagulls and crows but they don't come onto the terrace. This was a tiny thing that stopped Biggie in his tracks so funny.


I still have not heard a peep from my house cleaner. I wonder what the deal is. I wonder if she is one of the things I'll never see again.

In 1989, my parents lived in Charleston, SC when hurricane Hugo hit. There were many things they never saw again. Like their drycleaners which was flattened and also had their winter clothes in storage. And Mom's manicurist and her hair dresser. And Daddy's favorite shoe repair guy. Just gone. I wonder how many things that were part of my life last month are now gone. And won't ever be back.

I did some research on robotic vacuums this morning. I have a good stick vacuum but rely on the house cleaner's Dyson for the major sucking. If it's not going to be back, do I need to find something else? I had Roombas way back in the day when they didn't work very well but were hilarious to watch. Now, apparently, they work great and have not lost their hilarity. But, I think, I'll pass. At least for now. My stick will work and work way better if I actually use it.

I finished up my latest audible book last night - it was a really good one. Liz Moore's Long Bright River. Now, I need to find the next one. Lots of possibilities. I just need to pick one or two for the NEXT list. I'll get it started when I get on the treadmill ... probably while my hair is greening.

Stay tuned for updates.
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