Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

So busy

This morning has been go go go. But, I think I've now got everything under control.

I finished the Thomas The Tank Engine pants and they are great except I hate pants in non-stretch fabric. So I already cut a test pair out of some knit fabric. I have a bunch of nice black knit fabric but I'm saving it for when I am sure the pattern is perfect in knits.

Then I cleaned up everything thing. I picked up this mess here. That mess there. And did the treadmill. Only 20 minutes but I still count it.

I went down to the garage to pick up my UPS package. When I got back to the lobby to take the elevator up, one of my neighbors was there waiting already. It was obvious from his plastic gloves and his demeanor that he did not want to share the elevator with any other human. Fine by me. We had a bit of a You Go, No You Go dance but we got there. When the door opened, 4 people and 2 dogs walked out. So... not everyone is taking it the same way.

The class of 1967's email continues. Someone decided they should hold a reunion on Zoom. Using the account of one of their husbands. (One noted that she attends AA meetings via Zoom which, honestly, sounds like the perfect application. I'd never thought about that.)

I decided to worry about food when I got to the bottom of the potato chips at lunch. Amazon Fresh was back to no delivery windows so I checked Safeway. They allowed as how Monday morning would work for them. So I shopped. 'Due to ...' they no longer let you edit the order after it's placed. You can cancel but not edit which is a bummer but ok. I've got it done now and will cancel if I have too many changes. They do have a way bigger inventory.

Time now for some more Billions.
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