Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Summer in South Carolina??? By choice??

I spent a lot of years in South Carolina. I lived there twice. It is Africa hot and humid and full of bugs and that's in the winter. Turns out one of those women I went to high school with lives in Hawaii in the winter and the spends summers in South Carolina. That makes my skin itch and sweat. I'm learning a lot from these email threads (there are now several and probably many more I'm not in on)

Today is the day that the Baseball season was to start. Sad. Wonder if we will see any of it this year.

I just went from the living room to the bathroom so passed through the bedroom. The cats are snuggled together half buried in the comforter in the center of the bed. I'm sure they snuggled in saying "thankgod, we have the bed to ourselves and don't have to worry about getting squashed when she rolls over! yeah!"

I notice this morning that buds are all over The Tree That I Hate. Soon it will be full of leaves and block my view of the world. So instead of celebrating opening day of baseball season, I'm morning the beginning of the end of window stalker season. :(

Today's top o' the list is shower. Then finish making those pants. Then pick up the messes made by me and the cats. Then treadmill. I did 20 minutes yesterday. I should do at least that today. Then TV and knitting. Amazon is bringing cat food today - a day earlier than they said they would. The cats would be relieved if they understood. I forgot to toss in a bag of Biggie's treats but he's got enough to get by, I think. I just added it to April's subscribe and save.

Ok. Time to get this party started.
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