Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Biggie is Bored

Biggie has been working hard all day. I had to take all the trash and garbage to the dumpsters because I had the recyclables stacked near the door and he kept unstacking.

I had to interrupt my sewing to reorganize the shelf under my serger. I had a large back of tech stuff - lights and machine parts and additions - mixed in together and he kept dragging it off the shelf and pawing through it. (It's now reorged - half the stuff tossed because no longer needed - and rest on the shelf so that it's more difficult for him to get.

Then he discovered my box of klenex here on the couch and felt it was important to check that one on the bottom of the stack.

He's sitting on his tissue treasures now. Not napping but, likely, plotting his next caper.


I sent an email to my house cleaner two days ago and texted her the same content this morning. I asked, since it appears she will not be back any time soon, did she want me to send her pay in a check in the mail? (She prefers cash and gets it here when she cleans. Now it's just piling up.) I haven't heard from her.

My high school graduating class was small. 34 rich* white females. A few are now dead but one of the rest sent out an email to everyone today to ask how they are. And, of course, they all replied all. It's been interesting. Most no longer use their maiden names but, also, most have semi unique names - Fayetta, Maura, Sissy, Marshall - and some use their maiden names with their married names. I'm struggling to remember all of them but there are some who's names just draw a blank. One went to Nashville and became a country singer (Marshall Chapman). She used reply all to announce her new album coming out May 16. It's made for an interesting inbox this afternoon.

*The rich was relative going from filthy to well-off (we were down on the well-off end of the group).

The building manager for the condo has closed his office and moved one floor up to the unit he lives in. Several of the units were in the process of being remodeled - construction projects - that work has been halted. The people two doors down were flooded out last Summer by the construction in the unit above them. They moved to the apartment across the street until their unit could be rebuilt. That work is still going on but is now stopped. I'll bet that little flood is going to end up costing them more than a year of dislodging. So lucky and grateful it wasn't me. (That same flood also damaged the unit next door but no one lives there and they were remodeling anyway.)

OMG here's a bright? spot... I just saw on Twitter that the Ferrari dealership here in town is still open. Must be essential. When you need to buy a Ferrari, that need must be great.

Last night I ordered from Basilic Essentially Thai again. This time Chicken Pad Thai and Crab Ragoon. Piping hot and delicious and tons left over. Looking forward to dinner.

Oh and my Amazon Fresh delivery is expected 4-6 tonight. I wonder how much of what I ordered I will actually get.
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