Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I may never swim again...

Yep, Drama Queen here... But, really, it did dawn on me, that my getting back into my pool any time soon is now even more of a long shot. Between here and there is a massive bridge that they just closed for emergency repair. It will open again when they are done, hopefully, but no one is even speculating when that might be. When the bridge is open, it is 9 minutes from here to there. The non-bridge option is 25 minutes there at 4:30 am (when I would go) and 40 minutes at 6 (when I would come home). And that's with everybody 'staying at home'.

So, of course, when the quarantine is lifted, chances are the bridge will be fixed. It serves more than 80,000 people every morning. The work around can't even handle the few that are on the road now. But, I really did spend an hour stressing about not being able to get to the pool when it opens before I came to my senses. My senses and I are together now. Whew.

I do wonder about how my gym peops are getting along. Most of them actually live on the other side of that bridge from here. One of them works downtown in an essential job. His life must really really suck right now. He was an every day-er and often would come back in the evening for a spin class.

Today I'm making pants. I have a pair of storebought fleece pants that are wonderful - they fit perfectly, are amazingly comfortable. But, except when it's freezing cold, they are too warm and they have no pockets. For a long time now I've been meaning to make a pattern out of them, add pockets and use fabric that doesn't make my ass sweat. Then one of my favorite pattern companies released a new pattern that is, I think, exactly what I want and they had a flash sale so I bought it. I downloaded it and pieced it together yesterday. I'm making test pants out of a Thomas The Tank Engine bed sheet.


And then I will knit and watch TV. I may also get on the treadmill.

I think my next xx of entries will end with those two sentences.
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