Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Sleep Tight

In my family,growing up, we said "good night, sleep tight" every single night. Every one. My father would often add "don't let the bedbugs bite". In later years that last bit got real when bedbugs started infesting mattresses for real, but I never did know exactly what was the origin of "sleep tight" and, turns out, Google doesn't agree with itself.

A while back when I set up my Google Assistant routines in the bedroom, I set one up for going to sleep. I told it what to do and I told it what to say. When I say "OK Google, good night." The lights go off, the fan comes on and the guy in little box says "Good night Biggie, Good night Smalls, Good night Susan. Sleep Tight."

And, even though, I programmed it that way, it still... every single time, makes me smile.
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