Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

I am fitbit's bitch

I moved the watch tracker off my wrist and BAM! I'm a step queen!! I tried tying it to my ankle. To my thigh. and then around my waist which was the easiest, the most comfortable and it worked! I do so much better when it counts. I did 30 minutes on that treadmill!

Here's the cat that just had surgery... taking it easy like the vet said.


Then I went to Costco. There was a long - socially distant - line. I checked at the door that the line was for the pharmacy, too. It was so I went to the back. I put a nice distance between me and the woman in front. Two guys went behind me with an equality nice distance and then This Asshole just steps right in front of me. And then his friend joins him. I moved back and sent him death rays with my mind.

But, really the line moved quickly. Costco has it's shit together up for this. They even now have old people hours. I could have gone at 8 tomorrow and was kind of kicking myself but then realized that that was the store and not the pharmacy. Just as well I went today.

Once again, I am totally flumoxed about my drug costs. I got 3 inhalers. They usually cost me $150-200 each but I'm on a special program with Humana so they only cost me $10 each. Only today they charged me $0. The one lotion I used to treat a fungus thing on my scalp - small bottle - $70. The rest was all over the map. The total was about right. I have a telephone 'date' with the Humana pharmacist about the inhaler program. I downloaded a spreadsheet of my drugs and the charges and linked it to the calendar entry. Maybe she has some clues.

The Washington State governor is giving a statewide address at 5:30. This will be our lock down, I presume.

Home now with drugs and all is fine. I'm going to have some lunch and get back to that TV watching. The cats have now moved from the bed to the living room. It's a busy life for them.

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