Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


This time last week, I had just left the cat food store and was on my way to the grocery after having a lovely brunch in a restaurant with seattlejo. That was, for me, BV - Before Virus. Actually, for me, the actual time stamp is a week ago tomorrow. I took my last swim and that was it. The end of BV.

Now, in AV, or actually probably just V still, it seems incredible that it was just a week ago we were living so dangerously.

My twitter feed today is all about driving live-in family members crazy or not being driven crazy. So yet another thing I am grateful for. At least there is no one here to bug me. Well, ok, The Smalls can really get on my last nerve when he starts biting but I have now learned - finally - that that means it's time to crack open another can.

Biggie has just turned into more of a snuggler. Especially in bed at night. Often he's not there when I go to sleep but when I wake up the middle of the night, he's stretched along side of me and it's such a wonderful feeling.

He's still healing well. No meds. The spots on his legs where they shaved him for the IV's are already growing back. In a couple of spots, his incision is nearly totally healed. He's doing fine without his collar.

I just ordered something from Amazon and found they have reinstituted their no rush shipping option only now instead of $1 they are offering $3. Heck yeah! Also their Amazon Fresh delivery page now say no times available but they will be adding times throughout the day. Different from 'check back later'. Guess I'll check back later.

The cats are now both asleep. Seems like there was something I was going to do next time they were both distracted and now I can't remember what it was. Oh well. I'll turn on CBS Sunday morning and knit until I remember it.
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