Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


Across the street is an apartment building. The apartments are small and some are really small. Until a couple of weeks ago, most of them were clearly furnished but I rarely saw people in them. Now, they are full of people all the time. It's weird and I forget and then will glance out the window and 'hey! there's a guy in his kitchen!'

This time next month the Tree That I Hate will get leaves on it and I'll lose my view. But, for now, it's fun to have the compay.

Down the hall, the weird couple who's cat I fed one weekend just texted me asking if I had any yeast they could borrow. One of them probably said 'hey, let's make some bread!'

I got an email from the hospital that asked for mask sewers. Donations have staved off this need for now but they may need other sewing so stand by. Standing by.

I got on the treadmill but only for 10 minutes. I did do a big clean out of some bedroom storage. I have a whole lot of socks. I rarely wear socks. Not clear how that happened. Otherwise I spent the day knitting and watching TV and playing Montezuma 3 on my phone.

Doing my part!

Both cats are fine and doing their part.
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