Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Nothing new here... well, not really

Biggie has dictated the end to the pillow collar. He says he does not need it. He promises to leave the incisions site alone and so far has done just that. So, sorry, Vet, no can do with that stupid collar. Also, the medications they gave me to control his pain and to sedate him a little seem to be totally ineffectual (at least in the sedate part - and clearly the way he's hopping, leaping, knocking shit over, he can't be in too much pain) and not needed so we're skipping them this morning to see if anyone notices.

On the invoice for his surgery, they itemized every single thing. And there, in the middle of the list was 'complementary nail trim $0'. Cracked me up. Biggie grows dagger needles at the end of his toes and rarely lets me clip more than one. They got him and started doing pre-surgery stuff and he pulled out those weapons and they were all WHOA nelly! someone get those clippers, please. And they really nubbed him for which I'm very grateful. My plan is to keep up with the program. I found one they missed this morning and he let me clip it. So far, so good.

I just saw a Tweet from the AP Western Region that while bars and restaurants were closed, pot shops were reaping the rewards. It reminded me of a new thing at my annual physical last week. He always asks if I smoke, if I drink/how much, etc. But this year he added using marijuana to the question list. I thought that was interesting.

rsc just left a comment that nailed my feelings exactly. It's not the being confined that's all that concerning "But having nothing on the horizon is weird and unsettling." That nails my feelings.

The only thing I have on the horizon is picking up my prescriptions from Costco but one isn't ready yet and I don't really need any of them yet so I'll wait.

I signed up for a beta program for a company who's hardware and software. I haven't heard if I'm accepted. Probably not. I signed up to sew masks. No word from them either. So... basically nothing.

I do think I might take a shower today. I didn't yesterday and today, ugh. Easy fix.

I watched Peanut Butter Falcon yesterday. It was a sweet little movie clearly done on a shoestring budget which made it all the more charming. I have more stuff to watch today so I'll do that.
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