Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Les Chats with no LJ cut

Biggie decided he'd had enough of he pillow collar and just sat there on the floor right in front of me a pulled it off. And then played with it for while. He did some massive licking and, at first, I thought he was messing with his incision but, nope, turned out it was just a normal cat bath. I've let him go without it and probably will until bed time. I will put it back on him before I go to sleep but I'm pretty sure we ain't looking at 14 days of it. The written instructions say 10-14 days. Of course, 3 days is stretching that. And clearly he knows perfectly well what's' good for him... not.


One of our hospitals put out a call for sewers to make face masks. I signed up.

And, speaking of signing up, this appeared on the bulletin board in the garage today:


As usual, the building manager could not offer this up without including that last sentence insulting all of our intelligence. And I'm sure sending him an email asking for help would never result in getting any help, at least it's better than a thorn in the foot.

Volunteers Needed for Community Assistance – In light of COVID19, our community needs assistance more than ever. If you would like to assist our Florentine Community Neighbors for grocery/supplies pick-up or personal errands, please sign up on the Community Board. If you’re a resident needing assistance and can’t leave your unit, please reach out the Florentine manager at and the manager will contact one of the volunteers to assist. Any resident requesting assistance should please do so with the understanding that there may be a delay in response as volunteers may not be available immediately but as their time permits.

My shoes arrived from Zappos and, for the first time ever, NOT in a Zappos box. They came in an Amazon bag. Weird but ok. One pair is going back but the other pair may stay to live here. To try them out I actually did 10 minutes of treadmill. They need at least another 10 minutes before I decide for sure.

I made pillow cases. I'm saving the closet for tomorrow.

I rented two movies. Google had 'any movie for $1.50' coupon so I got Call Me By Your Name. I had e-credit on Amazon so I got Peanut Butter Falcon.

Meanwhile, xina_gee's banana is still a winner here. (As is the Cat Dancer that msconduct sent to them. Biggie has not been on the cat tree since surgery and that's where the cat dancer lives but once he got his collar off, he discovered he could swat at it from the ground.)


There was a bit of a tussle. The Smalls was in the cat bed and Biggie wanted in. The Smalls was not thrilled But...

Then a crow or something flew by.


And they forgot about the tussle. This is where they are now.


Notice the proximity of the banana... in case of emergency.
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