Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Thank you Biggie and The Smalls

I'm very used to being alone. I'm very used to staying home all day. But this feels so different. I'm not used to it yet. I'm also amused at myself for being to grateful to my cats. I've had cats forever but I've really never felt dependent on them for company. Until now. They are so hilarious and annoying and sweet and present. And I'm so grateful to have them and so thankful that Biggie hasn't eaten anything untoward in nearly 4 days!

He's gotten very lovey dovey in the past couple of days. Especially at night and in the mornings. He follows me around and head butts me for rubs. He's very good about letting me check out his incision (which is still looking good) and he's even gotten good about taking his medicine. I have to shoot this syringe of liquid into his mouth and then give him a pill. The liquid shooting needs to be done with his back up against something so he can't get away. But once we get it done, he trots right to the place in the hallway where I keep the pills and pill pockets. He loves those.

The Smalls is just following along. Doing his own thing mostly. He sleeps cuddled up next to me every night. He gets up to pee when I do and comes back and cuddles when I snuggle in again.

I got up this morning and got coffee and came to the living room. When I went back in a bit, i found this:


I went back out to the living room. The next time I passed the bedroom, I found this:


They are so funny.

I need to go to Costco to pick up prescriptions. But, they aren't all ready yet so likely it won't be today. Doesn't really matter. I'm days away from actually needing any of it and, I suspect, these days the crowd level is the same weekday/weekend at Costco.

On my todo list:

- sort out clothes closet
- make a couple of new pillow cases
- recycleables dumpster run
- damn treadmill

Then, I'm thinking about signing up for the 30 day Showtime trial. I've always wanted to see the show Billions. Why not now?

And so it goes.
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