Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis


The past few days have been very sunny. My living room faces east so we get morning sun and the cats love to sun bathe. Yesterday they did it together. You can barely even see The Smalls.


Today they have each taken their own sunbeam. Ooops. wait. Biggie just saw something that needed attention immediately. He's evaluating.

But, yes, he's feeling much better. He's careful about how and when he jumps on things so I think he's still not terribly comfortable but the wound site is good and he's full of purrs.

I had my annual check up this morning. It was weird. There was a sign outside the parking garage saying it was near capacity. But, you could see from the street that clearly that was yesterday's sign.

I was met at the elevators by a nice lady who asked me how I was feeling and then gave me this card.


I was the first appointment of the day so I got pretty swift service. The assistant did the weighing and blood pressure and stuff. My oxygen was 100%. My blood pressure was right on target. I told her not to tell the doctor my weight. She "we're all so squirrely these days, he might not even notice."

When he came in and we were going through stuff he said "hmmm let me see what today's weight is" while looking in his computer... I said "don't. really. It won't make you happy and you don't need any more stress" We laughed and I did not get the lecture! Bullet dodged.

Everything else was fine and happy and good. We did the "See ya next year"s and goodbye. Done and dusted.

I'm going to make some breakfast burritos for upcoming days. And then, I don't know what. I guess some treadmill will be involved. I really need to get into that habit. I am so not there yet.

I heard back from the pet insurance people and I'm pretty sure we'll be applying for a refund. She said she needs to get his history and then she'll send me a list of what they consider pre-existing conditions. But, this is the sentence that said to me 'no hope'... "As long as Biggie did not have a chronic behavioral problem of eating things that he shouldn't be eating, it should be eligible under your plan."

We shall see.
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