Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Old people shopping

I saw a tweet that Whole Foods was going to open from 8-9 for old people. So I showered, dressed, threw on my tye dye crocs and hit the road. It was fabulous. I really don't like Whole Foods inventory but their stores are pretty and their people are just the nicest.

They didn't have everything I wanted but they had enough and I'm good for now. I will say that based on what was left, gluten free people are NOT hoarding.

rsc commented he was surprised my house cleaner was still coming. I had thought about the risk (to both of us) and decided it was minimal plus, she cleans for another couple across the hall after me so I figured she'd be here anyway. BUT, I did text her that I was fine with her staying home if she wanted and would pay her anyway. I just heard and she's staying home which actually suits me fine. Except now I have to clean. Oh well. Won't kill me and I have the time.

I also need to do laundry. Now, all of a sudden, I'm busy!!

So last Novemberish, when The Smalls got sick, the vet gave me special canned cat food for him. And then, once he was better, I tried only wet food for both for a while. Biggie REALLY wanted his kibble so I got him his kibble tree. The Smalls hangs out at the tree but never eats the kibble.

Last night I put a bowl of kibble in the bedroom and one by the wet food dish so that Biggie wouldn't have to work so hard. Well, guess who helped himself??!! The Smalls, turns out, likes kibble, he just doesn't want to work for it! Holy moly. These cats.

Biggie's enjoying a sun beam. I just watched while he started to lie down but clearly that's not comfortable for him so he's back to sitting again. He's not crying but maybe it's time for some pain killer.

I did find the collar he ditched last night. It was in the litter box!

And finally, last night I drove from here to the vets which really covered some of the busiest parts of town. The traffic was light and that was no surprise. What was a shocker though, and was again this morning, was the number of available on street parking spaces. In Capital Hill (where the vet is) sometimes before 8 am on a Sunday, you can find a space within a 4 block area. But last night? There were 4 or 5 spaces in EVERY block! That was freaky.

Ok, time to get to work.


I am very grateful today that I am healthy, that I live in a house big enough to never get bored in, that I have enough money to keep this silly cat alive and for all my other 'haves'. I am very grateful.
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