Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

The morning after

Good. All good.

Last night, he basically sat in the hall like a zombie for a long time. Then when I got in the bed to listen to my book for a while, he hopped up there. I could not stand that plastic collar so I dug out the one I made him.


I went to sleep and The Smalls curled up next to me and Biggie went who knows where. I woke up a couple of times to pee and he was nowhere I could find. I hoped he was resting comfortably.

About 5:30, I felt a cat on me that was NOT The Smalls. I opened my eyes and Biggie - sans any collar of any kind - was staring at my face. I pulled out the Amazon collar and put it on. So far so good.


He hasn't made a sound except purring. He's kind of staggering and stopping to stare out at nothing. Still pretty drugged up.

The stitches he had last time stayed hot and red for several days. This glue situation seems so much better. Not even hot to the touch. And they didn't shave nearly as much fur off.


I'm debating whether or not to leave when the house cleaner comes. I really hate being here when she's working and I have no where to go and I thought maybe Biggie would need looking after. But, I think he'll be fine and maybe I'll just make a quick grocery run. I don't know. It's early yet. I have time to decide.
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