Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Wonder if there's a Frequent Surgery Rewards Program?

Yep. Biggie's back under the knife. He threw up again and again just a little liquid so I called the vet to make sure they were open and got out the carrier. As soon as he saw the carrier, he ran which is hilarious. He'd never done that before.

He bitched all the way there. He now ways 11.5 pounds! He's twice as big as The Smalls.

As soon as they finished examining him, he hopped off the table and into the carrier with a Let's Blow This Pop Stand look on his face.


The tech said when she took him back to the treatment room, both the vet who saw him last time and the radiologist remembered him! Criminey. I was able to show them examples of what to look for and they found them in spots where it is highly likely they aren't coming out on their own.

At least 1. the vet there has the chops for doing the surgery (although they did give me good reasons to go to the place we went last time where they have far more expertise - I said no thank you, I'll stick with Biggie's buddies). 2. AND they could do it today. 3. It's only going to cost me $2,000 this time. I consider it supporting local business in their time of need. Ha! What the stock market doesn't bleed out, the vet will get. Geesh!

When I got home, The Smalls was waiting. I got him some food and now he's napping. He didn't even ask about Biggie. Oh, I need to get those neck balloons out of the closet. I hope he's not too big for them now.

When I adopted these two, their life expectancy wasn't great but wouldn't you know that the one who turns out to be healthy after all, has an addiction problem.
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