Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

It's been a while so why not?

How many days has it been since Biggie has eaten a foreign substance? 0! This time it's nose things like this.

I know this because he already threw up one half of one. But he's still got the other half I think because he's thrown up, just a little liquid, twice since and he wouldn't eat his morning treats. He still, however, managed to chase The Smalls all over the house so at least he's not in terrible pain. But the not eating is a clear indication of a problem. We're in wait and see mode. Ugh.

The Smalls, who is generally not a fan of weekends, did not understand that today starts two weeks of weekends. No need to wake up or get up. But, like clockwork, at 4:30 am, he was on my face... get up! get up! get up!! I held him off but not for long. No big deal, I've got two weeks to sleep and probably more.

I have not been on the treadmill yet. The first session starts before 8. For no good reason other than putting if off any longer starts the slippery slope.

The batch of breakfast burritos I made yesterday were a total fail. I tried a new way - thanks, Pioneer Woman, not. I have enough stuff to make a small batch - at least enough to get me to tomorrow when I will venture out while the house cleaner is here. Still no sign of an Amazon Fresh delivery time or pick up option.
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