Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

senses... i've come to mine

LA Fitness is showing all gyms in the area as closed until 4/1 EXCEPT the three in Seattle. The app shows all the classes at those three are canceled but the gym is showing still open.

BUT,it's closed to me. It would be silly and irresponsible of me to go if it were open anyway so I'm done til April 1 at least but probably longer.

While I hate hate hate it, I am so grateful for my treadmill. Somehow I need to force my chunky ass to use it. I think I'm going to start with Fitbit's hourly thing. Every hour, it tells me how many steps I need to do before the hour is up.

Starting tomorrow, I will make sure I do at least the minimum of the hourly steps. or I will at least make an honest and true effort.

I hate this virus. I really do.
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