Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

So how will we know?

I'm assuming this whole virus thing will be in our rear view mirror at some point, but, how will we know when that point is? Will the governor just hold a press conference one day and say 'ok we're cool, all the restaurants can reopen, you can go back to work and everybody can now, once again, touch your face'.

I'm guessing testing will become more available so we will discover that many more people than we thought have it but, then after a while, the number will start dropping? And when it hits a certain threshold, all virus bets are turned off?

I get that it may be months. But I don't get how we will know. What will be the Virus is Gone Green Light?

I used to work for a guy who always said the most important question to ask when given a project, task or assignment is "what does success look like for this (project, task or assignment)?" In this case, I assume, success looks like the way life was the first week in January of 2020. But, I somehow kind of doubt we'll ever see that again.

We will need to redefine a bunch o' stuff at some point but what is that point and how will we know it when we get there?
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