Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Usually, there are about a dozen of us who gather outside the doors of the gym before they unlock and we all go in. About half of those are there nearly every single day. The other half kind of rotate. Today there were 3 of us.

I swam all by myself for the first 50 minutes. Another regular came in and then a guy I'd never seen before. But that was it. The phone at the front desk was ringing off the hook. Frank, front desk guy, said everyone wanted to know if the gym was open and if it was going to close. I think that pretty much describes his days for a while to come.

I needed to get labs done before my doctor's appointment on Thursday. I figured tomorrow would be good but while I was swimming, I thought, why not today?! So I parked in front of my building, went upstairs and put on clothes and headed over. Also I started drinking water as soon as I left the gym. Part of the labs is a urine sample and invariably, I never have to go when needed. So I chugged down the quart of water I had in the car.

The parking lot was empty. I went up to the lab where I pretty much woke up the staff. I was their first customer. I was their only customer. They were kind of glad to have me, I think. The blood draw lady hit her mark the first time. I do not remember the last time that happened. I have a giant ass and the tiniest veins on the planet. Usually it takes 3 or 4 sticks to get the four vials they need. She got them all with on the first try. Impressive. And, even more impressive, I had enough pee to fill the cup!! Win win win.

Now my fingers get crossed. I have, for years, been only a few nums away from diabetes. Every year I think this is the year I cross the line and my doctor gets all stringent about monitoring and diet and shit. On the up side, the wait isn't long. The lab now puts the test results directly into my MyChart at the same time they deliver them to the doctor. So at least I'll know before I go in and get the riot act read to me on Thursday. He's already going to not be happy about the 5 pounds I gained from last year. Oh well, maybe he'll be happy that I don't have the virus.

The clinic's parking lot has a new pay system that is quite handy. It's a pay by phone and I totally approve.

My fabric/yarn shop down the street announced they are closing the shop and moving everything online for now. With free delivery in Seattle which is cool. REI flagship store is closed. Everything is closed.

When I was at Costco last week, I bought frozen breakfast burritos. When I was at the Amazon Go store, I bought frozen breakfast burritos. I tried the Costco ones last week. They are ok. They will do in a burrito emergency. My home made ones are very much better. This morning I tried one of the Amazon Go ones YUCK! I only got 2 and the second one is going into the trash.

I will be making a batch of the good ones this morning. And sewing sleeves on my shirt and staying in here... as usual, really.

The Smalls is catching some rays...

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