Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Sunday Snoozes

I just realized I had not heard any kitty shinanigans in a while. I looked over and instantly saw why. They are resting up for the next round.

I've had a busy day so far - Shocking.

I met seattlejo for breakfast and it was great. Weird before and after but great to see her and get a good visit in. It's always such a treat to hear about her world which is so different than mine. But, for some reason this morning, it was like a salve I didn't not I needed. And the food was pretty good.


The traffic on Sunday is always light. But this morning it was non-existent. I sat through a red light at one intersection that is always busy and saw not one single other vehicle.

After breakfast I headed to the cat food store. Massive amounts of street parking. At least they had the kind that The Smalls is now demanding so I was about to stock up. If The Smalls cooperates, I could now have about two weeks worth.

Winging on victory there, I decided to pop into the fancy grocery. That, too, was a success. They had everything I wanted. One thing they had was cooked chickens shredded exactly like I like it so I came home and made a batch of chicken salad with grapes.

Then I fell into a spreadsheet rabbit hole. I had an idea on how to track my spending. A way to see how much I'm spending compared to my average. Average what? Should I compare it - on a category basis - to an average over a year? Or an average over the months so far this year? So, of course, I did it both ways by linking a bunch of sheets together and building formulas. Just an an old lady obsessing over her finances. Cliches are us.

I made a cute top yesterday. Another trying out an old pattern to make the pattern perfect. I made the shirt and then tweaked it and then fixed the pattern so next time - easy breasy.


The fabric is sharks - so fun.

But, it's way too cold yet for short sleeves. I don't have enough red fabric for an under shirt BUT I do have enough left for sleeves. So I cut out a couple of sleeve extensions. I'll add them with a sewing machine baste stitch (strong enough to withstand washing but easy enough to remove once warm weather hits).

I think I might just dip into that chicken salad and watch CBS Sunday morning.
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