Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Happy Saturday!!

Although Fitbit says last night's sleep was good, I thought it was great. And so did the cats. I have always loved Saturday mornings and I still do.

I got an email this morning from my Mariner guy (sales) saying my 2020 tickets were on their way. Sad Trombone! Last year they came in a beautiful box and they were bound as a book. The idea is you tear out a ticket as you need it. I could not bring myself to tear any of it so I used my phone instead. So no baseball but at least I'll have tickets.

They also sent me a fancy gift yesterday - special bookends with a copy of Edgar Martinez's autobiography. I appreciate the gesture very much and I hope Goodwill will, too.


My favorite bagel place announced 'new extended' weekend hours on Instagram yesterday. I think they did open at 9 on weekends and now they are opening at 8. Seems a little weird to me but ok. They have a sandwich I really like but only for lunch. Maybe I'll go get one today but maybe not.

I did have a great breakfast. The chef here is generally lazy and uninspired but pulled out the good stuff this morning. For letmesaythis who loves the food pix.


I noticed this morning that my freezer is beyond full. Time to give DoorDash a rest, I think, until I can get some wiggle room in the freezer.

After I noticed that Amazon Fresh had no delivery times, yesterday, on the local news last night, both of the two major grocery store chains were begging for employees. Safeway says they want to hire 1,000 people in the Seattle area right this minute. QFC (Kroger) said they would be doing immediate hiring at their job fair on Monday. Wild wild times.

Today will be sewing and I'm thinking about renting/watching Knives Out.

Biggie is still conjuring on his plans for the day.

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