Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Soooo weirdly quiet

Except for my Twitter feed, today was not terribly unlike any other day around here except it really felt different. I don't know why - just weird like everything else, I guess.

I did read a tweet from a guy in San Francisco that Amazon Fresh had no available delivery times to his house. I thought, hmmmm, glad I live in Seattle. Then I looked at my own Amazon Fresh and OOOOPS.

Good thing I'm not depending on them to delivery my groceries any time soon!

I have groceries but more importantly, I have DoorDash. Tonight is left over Thai. Yum.

I did get a new top cut out for sewing tomorrow. There's a pattern that I make a couple of times an didn't love but then figured out a way I could love it. So that's what we'll be sewing up next. I'm interested to see if my idea works as well in fabric as it does in my brain.

Now I think I'll watch the local news and see what else is canceled. Can't imagine there is anything left but I could be wrong.
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