Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

Winner winner Thai dinner

So last night's pizza sucked. Tonight I ordered Thai from a place that just joined DoorDash. It was 10 times better than last night's was bad. It was still very hot and fresh and the crispy stuff was crispy and it was heaven. And there is plenty for dinner tomorrow. SCORE!

For some strange reason I have recently gotten a bunch of Live Journal friend requests. I'm puzzled and thrilled. WELCOME!!!!

One good thing this whole virus thing has spawned is exceedingly decent news reporting - especially TV. We have, locally here in Seattle news rooms/teams from NBC, ABC, CBS and Fox affiliates. The one that has the most local news by far is Fox so that's the one I watch. They have a couple of exceedingly exceptional reporters. One of them tonight had this great piece showing the statistics on how this virus would spread in the Seattle area if we did nothing, and what it looks like with full social isolation and in between. It was informative and delivered without emotional melodrama. Pretty impressive.

Even the national news teams have been fairly drama free lately. I like it.

And now the Seattle Library and all its branches will be closed until at least April 13th. Holy crap.
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