Susan Dennis (susandennis) wrote,
Susan Dennis

For the first time ever, I want to be back in school

The governor just mandated all schools, public and private, be closed from now until at least April 27 (for our county and the ones just north and south of us). Holy fuck. If I were in school this would the greatest gift of all times. All holidays rolled into one. On the other hand, my Mother would have slit her wrists at the announcement. No one hated a snow day worse than sheet did - or any day, really, when we were not in school.

My Twitter feed today is just a list of things that are canceled, postponed or just not happening after all mixed with pleas for people to support restaurants, arts, homeless, Asians... It's wild.

Several restaurants have announced they are going to start offering delivery, take out, drive through. I am 100% in favor of all that and intend to say so with my $. Tonight is Door Dash Thai. I'm trying a new place.

I'm very bummed about the baseball, of course, but I have it so easy compared to most everyone else, it's really hard to justify any whining at all. So I'm going to knit and watch British police on Acorn TV.

The Smalls when Biggie gets on one of his NASCAR runs...

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